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WOMEN ARE NEEDED IN SPORTS are activities that are meant to create fun or enjoyment. It is in these moments of sports that individual get happy and open up their mind and heart to the others who they are participating with whether fans or players. This means that sports creates a moment of bonding for the majority and narrows the gap between various individuals. As people continue participating in games together for longer periods of time, it becomes apparent that these people bonds in a manner that can’t be separated unless in few and separated cases where parties might have vested interests.



In view of this case, it will be noted that societies have created gaps between genders and this gap ends up being the origin of two different individuals who may not understand each other. It would make sense if societies allow women and girls to participate in common activities like games. This would make every gender able to understand each other better as they continue to build bonds that cannot be broken easily. Even though there may be an issue in the anatomy, it would be noted that continuity in participation of both genders in common games will reduce that significantly. It is common to find young boys and girls play common games in various societies. This has been noted to create great social structures that continue to echo for many years. Continuity in these kind of organizations would make and create society where men and women become close enough so as to be able to share their critical issues.

The idea of separating gender activities has continuously been eroded creating a positive direction towards the goal of equal participation. This in return would enhance the social bonds between the genders. We would not be doing justice if we can sideline the only activities that seems to offer the best solutions to these gaps. This being sporting activities as these are moment of teamwork and joy in sharing a common ground. It would also allow women to stop down looking on themselves when men are around. The end result of these kind of arrangements would be having a society where everybody believes that he or she can achieve unlimited heights. It is critical to know that the driving power of human beings is motivation to attain. Motivation is generated by encounters and the environment a person is in giving an environment which allows equal and even contribution without prejudice is critical to attaining this.

It is difficult to attain these agendas when all we see is separation of activities. It is worth noting that children do grow and develop in the manner they have been shown and motivated towards. To attain this goal fully, it would seem appropriate to start promoting them in the early development stages of our children so as to strengthen this behavior we also need to setup environments where this does not create opportunities for immorality. This would be supervision during the early stages of the children and teaching them and showing them how to behave at particular times. This would also create an environment where people became friends of each other and this reduces the level of curiosity as all would have mingled and interacted in a manner to kill the curiosity it would only make people become good friends all along. Separation of activities leaves the gap of people believing they are very different from each other and widens the gap. This gap in return is filled through various ways that lead to each sex being afraid of each other or treating the other as a different person from him or her.

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