Slot Machine Advanced Strategies

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There are different types of strategies used in slot machines namely, basic strategy and Slot Machine Advanced Strategies. An advanced strategy is not common among players because they find it more complicated than the basic strategy. However, when you use it a couple of times it will be clearer and the player will be able to quickly do it either mentally with help of a pen and a notebook or by use of a calculator which many will prefer.

Slot Machine Advanced Strategies

There two types of slot machines advanced strategy:

  1. One play theory

This type of slot machine theory is very simple. All that player should do is to play on the greatest value of a coin .in case this wins you should try your luck again with the same amount you used to win in some slot machines like on Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website. The other way is that you can move to another machine and play with the same amount.

Slot Machine Advanced Strategies
Slot Machine Advanced Strategies

Note that you have to choose a slot machine with equal slots to boost your chances of winning.

Advantages of one-play theory slot machine advanced strategy:

  1. It is simple.

In this type of theories, the player does not have to use calculations skills to boost their chances of winning.

  1. Standard deviation strategy.  

This strategy comprises steps to take before you get the results.  This step includes:

  1. Selecting a suitable machine

This involves researching and knowing which kinds of slot machine offer equal slot. To offer equal slots means the machine that offers the payout that is equal to the bet. For example, if you wagering 1 coin the slot machine should give a payout of 10 coins.

  1. Determining the standard number for spins between wins

This involves a lot of calculation and notebook and pen or a calculator will come in handy. Players often complain however once you practice more it will be clearer. As a strategy the player should first use the least amount of money to cut the loss you should take at least 10 spins with least number of coins.

  1. Calculating the average number of spins

After getting the number of spins in step it is easy to find the average number of spins between the winning spins. For example, if you have the most number of win occurs between the 10 the and 12 spins. The standard deviation will be 11.

Advantages of Standard deviation slot machine advanced strategy:

  1. Accuracy

It is more accurate as compared to other slot machine strategies such as checking the temperature of a machine, playing on certain days in the hope that it is a lucky day, talking to the machine etc.

  1. Confidence

It increases the confidence of the player prompting the person to enjoy the slot game.

Disadvantages of standard deviation slot machine advanced strategy:

  1. It is not always 100% reliable.

Standard deviation strategy just like any other slot machine strategy is not fully reliable. It is not always a guarantee that you will win a jackpot after using this method to plan your move. However, it boosts your chances of winning.

  1. Lose of money

You might lose some money if you have used more money than what you have won to spin the slot machine. However, you can cut the loss by using the machine which requires the use of smallest coin.

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