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In online blackjack tips, playing at the right mind direction is the best thing you can do to ensure you do not get frustrated no matter the outcome of the final stage. This means that you should always expect anything, either a loss or a win in blackjack. Ordinarily, the house edge is greatly reduced to ensure that you can follow the basic strategy and win but you have to have the negative expectations of the game unless you are playing very perfectly.


Memorize the basic strategy

Always understand that blackjack requires a lot of practice for you to become an expert and win. This means as you play, you get more experience and you better skill in the game. Ensure that you try and play the free online games offered through online sites to increase the level of your expertise.

Vary your bets

The fun and enjoyment should not hinder you from following the most basic principle of variation. You have to vary the bets according to your bankroll and the proceedings. Always find the tables in which you can play more games by placing minimum bet amount. This way you will expand your chances of winning by having to play more games than when you play on a table whose minimum bet is higher than five per cent of your starting bankroll.

Use the number ten presumption rule

When playing blackjack at both online and land based casinos, the dealer is usually given one card facing upwards and another downwards. This means you know the face value of one card but you do not know the face value of the other. Now, most of cards in the stack have averagely the face value of 10. It accounts to about thirty per cent of all cards. You have therefore assume that the hidden card has a face value of ten for you to play wisely and decide on the best way to beat the dealer. When the dealer has a card that has a face value of below six means that he or she is likely to hit and likely to bust giving you a chance to win.

The rule of nine

This rule will help you decide on when to double when you have a soft hand. A soft hand is hand that contains an ace another card. You either decide to double down or not depending on the dealer up card. Here, you have to add the face value of dealer’s up card to your non-Ace card face value. You only double when the total faces value of your addition either nine or more than nine and not double if it is less than nine.

Aim twenty one

Basically, the goal of winning at blackjack is that you have to hit a total face value that is as close to twenty one as possible. Trying to copy the dealer’s moves and trying to beat will never help since you are likely to bust so many times than you win. Instead of trying to beat the dealer, aim the number twenty one always and you are assured of winning most of the games. You really have to learn the rules of standing, hitting and doubling as you continue with the game to maximize your winning potential at every time.

Forget about the insurance.

On land based casinos, you are allowed to take insurance if the dealer has an ace. Taking insurance means that you wager half of the amount you had wagered originally so as to receive half of it. However on online casinos, you are not provided with this option which means you have to play on.

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