How to Earn Big Money In Dota 2 ESL – One Online Betting

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Dota 2 tournament hosted by ESL One is not only prestigious, but also profitable so here are some tips on How to Earn Big Money In Dota 2 ESL – One Online Betting. The teams will compete to win a prize pool that has been provided by the committee. In addition, the bettors can gain a lot. The sportsbook provider will open the betting for every game that takes place in the tournament Dota 2 ESL – One.

Type of bet that can be played on Dota 2 tournament is no different from that offered in other sports in Best Online Sports Bookie website & Asia Top Free Bets Bookmaker. Bet to play in a game includes moneyline dan handicap. Odds will be determined in accordance with the track record of each team. Seeded team will have a relatively higher odds than his opponent. You have the potential of making a lot of money because the odds that are offered is high.

How to earn big money in Dota 2 ESL – One online betting

How to Earn Big Money In Dota 2 ESL - One Online Betting
How to Earn Big Money In Dota 2 ESL – One Online Betting

Tournament Dota 2 ESL – One also provides outright betting. Outright betting allows you to bet on teams that you think can be a champion, or meet other predictions offered. There are several types of predictions that will appear on the outright betting for the tournament Dota 2 ESL – One. For example, teams that qualified for the finals, teams will be group winners and the two teams will qualify from the group phase,

There are several strategies that you can use to win a bet on the game Dota 2 in The Biggest Online Sports Betting Site in Malaysia. The following are helpful tips for you to use when crafting a strategy to bet on the game Dota 2 tournament.

Understanding Reputation from Each Team Competed

Such as sporting events, there is always a winning team of the game Dota 2. However, the performance of a team is usually relatively consistent since the tournament was still relatively new and has not been much exploration of strategies that can be applied in a game. You can bet on a team with a reputation for consistently maintaining the champions and performance in every competition.

Information about each team that will compete can be found through search engines. You can find the tournaments that is they have attended, a feat they have achieved, and the arrangement of players who will compete in the tournament being held. Each team is not always fielded the same for different tournaments. You also should check the latest updates related to the team that will compete through blogs, video, or review articles on the Internet that was delivered by the lovers of the game Dota.

Deeply Studying Team Statistics

Like other sports, statistics from Dota teams usually reflect the way the team played. You can estimate how likely team to win if you play betting moneyline. Likewise for handicap betting. Here are some important statistics that you must learn to strategize bets.

  • Kills (K).
  • Deaths (D).
  • Experience Per Minute (XPM).
  • Gold Per Minute (GPM).
  • Last Hits (LH).
  • Assists (A).

You can find the complete all this information via a wiki website providing information about Dota. Like another game in Malaysia Online Sports Betting Site, Live in Play Bets, Dota 2 also requires in-depth analysis where there are certain patterns that keep repeating and can be used to make a profit.

Short Term and Long Term Bets

Dota 2 tournament hosted by ESL- One usually only lasts for 3-5 days. Therefore, you should also use outright betting option to play in the long term. Do not forget to include one or two underdogs on a long-term bet that you play. Combine these bets with short-term bets such as money line and handicap. If you play in a disciplined manner in accordance with the strategy which was formulated , you will get a lot of money betting on the game Dota 2 tournament hosted by ESL – One.

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