Does Sic Bo and Super Color Sic Bo Have Differences?

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When someone ask: does sic bo and super color sic bo have differences, how will you answer? Keep in mind that this game is not something you could spot easily. Unless you are a regular punter, there is no way the casino staff at Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia will introduce this new casino game. It is a whole new level of betting.

Does Sic Bo and Super Color Sic Bo Have Differences?

Regular Sic Bo

Regular sic bo is definitely more challenging than the regular betting you find on casino table. It combines three dices with six faces. Your job is to guess what number the dices will show you after the dealer shuffle them. Many bookies have tried to find the breaking strategy, in which many failed. Still, those who are still in the process of grasping the game prefer to bet on small money.

There are two betting types that commonly played by the bettors. They are small and big bets. Small bet lands your guessing between four to ten. With small bet, you will experience less loss and bigger chance to win. Big bet, on the other hand, set your expectation in between 11 and 17. You will get 1:1 payout when you win the bet.

Rules In Color Sic Bo

When you play with color sic bo, things will be different. Comparing the dices used, you will find twelve numbers on a single cube. The number of cubes used are three. With this said, you wont be amazed that there are so many betting boxes lining up near the table. The colorful cubes would be kept inside a transparent box with a button to roll the dices. The dealer will press this button to start the game.

The betting types for color sic bo are slightly different from the regular one. Since there are more possibilities, you have the chance to win in two or more betting section.

  1. Big

When you believe that the result of the rolling dice would be between 20 to 36, you go with big betting. If you win, the reward will be 1:1.

  1. Small

Betting on three up to nineteen numbers, you bet on small course. It will give you 1:1 value.

  1. Odd or Even

Choosing this betting type, you guess that the result will be odd or even number between three to nineteen.

  1. Specific/Not Specific Two Numbers

You can also guess that the result would point to two specific numbers out of three cubes. There is a choice of specific number or simply mentioning the general possibility.

  1. Straight

This refers to a single number that will appear on all three cubes. If you could win this bet, the payout would be 1:25.

Comparing the game rules, both sic bo and super color sic bo have similar requirement. Those bookies who land on this betting for the first time, however, prefer to sharpen their skills in regular sic bo arena. In conclusion, the colorful one is far more challenging than the standard sic bo. So, is Sic Bo and Super color Sic Bo have any difference? Yes, they have!

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