Do the Strategies in Live Blackjack Also Work on Mobile Casinos?

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Most people surely ever heard the word ‘blackjack’. What do you know about blackjack’s strategies? Yes, it’s one of the most played games in casino. When it comes to casino, now we have two ways to play it, live and online casino like The most trusted live casino website in Malaysia. Talk about the strategies to play, do the strategies in live blackjack also work on mobile casinos?

To answer the questions, we have to know which strategies that we would like to use. There are several strategies and all of them define the winning strategies. However, before going too far, the player has to understand the basic rules in blackjack. Of course, these rules are both applied in live and online blackjack games.

Do the Strategies in Live Blackjack Also Work on Mobile Casinos?

Basic Rules of Blackjack Game

Just like in other gambling games, to win the game, of course you have to know the basic rules of this game. Here are some basic rules of blackjack. The first one to know is the highest card value on the blackjack is 21. Players are declared winning if they have a higher card value than the dealer has without exceeding the value of 21. Last, players or dealer will be directly declared as losing if the value of the card owned is more than 21.

Understand the advantages possessed by players and dealers in the game. In a blackjack game, you can only play as a player only. If you already get the value of card 17, do not make additional cards (hit) again. This is because you will be immediately declared as losing because of bust when you get a card above 4. Meanwhile, if the value of the dealer first opened card is 10, you better give up. It is because the dealer usually will win with the highest card value.

Blackjack Winning Strategies

Once you already understand and know about the basic rules of blackjack game, then you have to know about several strategies to play the game. Because blackjack is a game which includes not only luck, but also some skills to play the game, the right strategies are highly needed in this game. You cannot use your pure luck here like playing any other games. In blackjack, you have choices, whether to continue playing and raise the stakes, keep taking hit, or surrender. Here are your skills needed.

By using Hi-Lo strategies, you can make decision easier. Playing with Hi-Lo strategy means that you have to count. For starter, all you have to know is that the cards 2-6 have value of 1, 7-9 have value of 0, 10-Aces are -1. You have to count each card that are dealt. If the number you get is quite high, it means that the cards that haven’t been dealt are the high cards. You can make the decisions, whether you have to stand, take another hit, or surrender. You can combine this strategy with Martingale system if you keep losing the game.

So, do the strategies in live blackjack also work on mobile casinos? If we take a look at the definition, basic rules and strategies, it’s a yes. The only thing that makes them different is the place. Live blackjack is played at casino with real dealer, player and audience, but online, you play on your phone, with no one is watching.

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