Candy crush game is many people’s favorite!

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Candy crush game is many people’s favorite!, yup the same game whose constant requests from your Facebook friends keep annoying you. Though maybe how much you hate it or like it, it has become one of the most popular games in the world at the moment. Be it metro or a park you can see children, uncles and old grandpas playing this game. With those jingling sounds coming off from their phone every time they make a sequence of the same candies. This clearly shows it has been a favorite amongst the people and that too from all the age groups which are quite an achievement.

So what made this game so popular that King the company who made this game started earning a whopping 450million dollar per day? It all started in 2012 when King launched this game on Facebook, starting off as a basic match three puzzle game which everyone would have surely played in their childhood its dynamic gaming style and the lovely add-ons made it the most played game on Facebook. A survey carried out shows there are 93m people who play this game 1bn times a day. An eye-popping stat isn’t it? Later launching it on the mobile phones only helped to build it status.

Candy crush game is many people’s favorite!

Candy crush game is many people’s favorite!

So obviously King had to make money and after watching such a success story of its game they made add-ons make that. There was a life system as it is usually in many games and as the popularity and craze for the game was so many people used to end up buying lives for money. Just look at the addiction of the people, they can’t even wait for half an hour for the life to get replenished rather are using their hard-earned money to buy it. According to the stats, the users ended up spending a jaw-dropping 298m euros only on virtual items. Amazingly only 70% of the users have completed the game without using a single penny. This game single-handedly got King past Zynga as the most amount of users on Facebook. Rather Zynga a top game maker lost 100m of its players and surprisingly it’s the same amount gained by King.

What a user needs from a game that it is easily accessible, free, playable in short sessions, interesting and has enough levels to keep them hungry for completing the game. The game can be played for 2 minutes or even for hours that has made it so popular not only among the youth but as well as among the adults. The game had become so popular that it even attracted people to make a fan trailer for  the movie based on it and even Psy in one his music videos was playing it. King to make the game remain ever-present and updated kept launching new games like Pet Rescue Saga, Papa Pear Saga etc. The popularity of the game became so much that King actually trademarked anything around the word “Candy” and “Saga”.

The game is criticized by hardcore gamers, calling the people playing this game as stupid and those who don’t know anything about real gaming. Still no matter what this game came as huge wonder swiping out Zynga really hard taking most of its users away and built a lovely legacy for its users. Candy Crush still remains people’s favorite and you can still watch kids to old uncles as well as grandpersons playing this game when you are standing in that overcrowded metro. It should be said that King surely struck gold with this game and they surely will keep up the good work.

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