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BEST HORSE WAGERING TIPS – When you have purchased your racing program online you need to research on the track on which the horses wagering to make a good analysis of how the race will proceed. At this point you can now look at the horses and decide on the ones that have the best chance of winning.



Evaluation of horses is one of the key things to help you place winning bets. This means you have to look at all the information concerning all the horses running at a specific race before you choose the best. This information will include taking a good look at the previous record of performances at the online program, the odds, the jockey percentage of winning a certain race and estimated outcomes of the race. Take a look at the owners, trainers and jockeys winning percentage at an overall level.

Place the best bet you have winning assurance

There different bets which you can wager on through advance deposit program provided online. Learn on the different bets and understand the best that will help you give good returns. A win bet for example is wagered on the horse that you would think that can come first in the race.  Decide on a simple place bet where you wager on the possible position of the horse after the race or a superfecta bet when you tend to think that the horses you are about to bet on can come a first to the fourth position in tat order. The trifecta horse race bet is wagered when you think of the horses which can follow the order of first to third position exactly.

Avoid the misconception bets

Learn to bet against the public in horse racing. Results can randomly occur which is not to expectations of most people or the general public. In other simpler words, sometimes the trainer and other people affiliated to a certain owner such as the owner may seem to bet on their horses highly especially just before the beginning of the race. You should not be enticed to change your bets because the odds of the race have changed. You should however be guided by your inner instincts and the proper analysis of the horses, odds, track and the jockey.

Risk to win big

In horse racing, the best way to go is by taking on calculated risks by betting on the horses with the best odds. Favorite horses may have lower odds compared to the horses which are expected to win. Always have the confidence of betting on the horses with higher odds to improve your chances of winning potential. You can also however stick on to the lowly priced horses but bet big. Pick a long shot or may be two if you can face your fears but ensure that you stick with the favorites to balance your bankroll

Use winnings to better your bankroll

You need to learn how to use the best of what your horse wagering by utilizing it in future bets. This does not mean that you spend everything that you have won and put it back to betting. No. it means that you have to appreciate the value of advancing in your winning by using some of the percentage of your winning to bet again only now at a higher limit.  This means that if you continue increasing your betting limit, and stay winning, your bankroll will grow tremendously.

The above basic tips have been used by experts in horse wagering both at online and in live races to improve their chances of winning and I believe they will be of help to you.

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