At the Copa Slot Free Play with Best RTP

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Betsoft is very famous for its Slot games since you will be taken to experience the game in the next level. However, you might have a little difficulty in finding the best online Slot games for you. If that’s the case, you can try At the Copa Slot free play with best RTP by Betsoft.

At the Copa Slot Free Play with Best RTP

This online Casino Online Website With Plenty Of Awesome Games Ready To Play Slot game is very entertaining since you will be taken to enjoy the festive life in the small hut near the beach. In this game, you will be dancing along with the beautiful dancers and along with the interesting music from the instruments. Both the dancers and the musical instruments will be the symbols that you need to combine in this game.

At the Copa Slot Free Play with Best RTP
At the Copa Slot Free Play with Best RTP

This game is a Progressive Slot game with 5 reels and 30 paylines to bet located from the left reel to the right reel. To get the best payout and the greater chance of winning, you need to place the maximum bet in all lines.

As the Progressive Slot game, this game also has Wild and Scatter symbol to combine. The Wild and Scatter symbols here will give you a chance to get Free Spins for up to 10 free spins and Multipliers from 2X to 10X.

If you are lucky enough you will have a chance to play the bonus game and to get the bonus game, you just need to combine the male dancer symbols in each side of the lady symbol in paylines 1 to 3. When you can combine them, the male dancers will start dancing and competing to earn the heart of the lady.

Then, you can also have the chance to play three progressive rounds here, starting from the highest jackpot Caliente, followed by Suave, and the last is Mediane Round. Those progressive rounds are triggered by the Chili symbols on the specific reels. If you are lucky enough, you can get the payout for more or less 400.000.

At the Copa RTP

At the Copa is very popular among most of online Slot players since this game has the best RTP compared to other Slot games. The RTP for this game is 97.5% and it is a very important thing to consider since it will affect your chance of winning and the payout that you will get at the end of the game.

The RTP here stands for Return to Player or the amount of payout that you can expect based on the amount of the bet you place. So, take for example this game has 97.5% and you have placed $100 in total. At the end of the game, you can expect to get more or less $97.5 for the payout.

Playing this At the Copa Slot free play with best RTP will make you able to win lots of money at the end of the game. Besides, losing here wouldn’t hurt so much since you can still enjoy the interesting graphics and sound effects that accompany you along the game.

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